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Fred Koch

Fred Koch, recognized as an “Aviation Security Expert” by U.S. Federal Courts, has vast experience. A graduate of LA County Sheriff's Department and Cal State - Dominguez Hills University, he served as Director of Assets Protection and Corporate Security for  Continental Airlines, was a member of the Airline Transport Association (ATA) Security Committee and managed U.S. government regulatory compliance directives. Mr. Koch held U.S. Government Security clearances, including one with the Department of Defense (DOD). He was also a Field Grade Officer Tech 4, Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and teacher at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Academy.
At Continental, Mr. Koch oversaw worldwide investigations. He was responsible for routinely addressing threat levels, protecting aircrafts, airports, cargo facilities, employees and customers. He implemented detailed security contingencies and countermeasures, keeping the airline stable. While conducting investigations at the highest corporate and U.S. government levels, Mr. Koch knew his actions could expose the carrier to unnecessary media coverage or, more importantly, impact the company financially.
On the ATA Security Committee, he worked with airline and U.S. government officials to create and monitor software systems. This was necessary to fend-off threats, but also harmful to the industry’s economy. During this time, Mr. Koch realized U.S. government programs inadequately protected airlines from credit-card and ticket fraud. To combat this issue, he created an internal Fraud Department, which saves the carrier millions to this day.
His compliance directives assured efficient systems were in-place to avoid heavy government fines. Mr. Koch helped the U.S. Secret Service uncover the airline nexus in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation, and maintains relationships within the U.S. intelligence community. He holds close ties with the FBI, DOD and Defense Investigative Agency (DIA). Working alongside the DIA, he administered classified security programs and assisted government informants.
With deep knowledge of airline operations, airport operations, investigative protocols, security protocols and a surplus of industry contacts, Mr. Koch understands the nuances of investigations and aviation security on a global scale.