Noukas & Associates
International Intelligence & Consulting
Houston - Los Angeles - Moscow - Athens

John K Noukas


Director/Manager of Corporate Governance and Compliance. Conduct Cross Functional Audits to identify irregularities and conflicts, detect methods used to defeat internal controls and present evidence of the problems, if any, in a prompt and cost-effective manner. Employee wrongdoing may include, but are not limited to violations of international competition statutes and improper payments in violation of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Statute. Investigative efforts to also include due diligence with regard to mergers and acquisitions and other corporate ethics and business practices violations.

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS                                                                                               

·     Owner of a highly successful independent intelligence gathering and consulting firm serving the corporate, legal, financial, and international sectors.

·     Proven track record in providing discreet, comprehensive investigative services worldwide, with strong emphasis on FCPA internal investigations and compliance reviews.

·     Entrepreneurial, accomplished strategist and licensed investigator offering solid history of successfully orchestrating sensitive, large-scale operations worldwide.

·     Access to a network of trusted well-placed sources and possess extensive network of contacts in international policy and regulatory arenas.

·     Flexible, empowering, and respected leader able to tailor management style to unique personalities and establish staff accountability for high professionalism and proficiency standards.

·       Successful career as an FBI Special Agent. Conducted thorough and complete investigations of White Collar Crimes and highly sensitive Foreign Counter Intelligence (FCI) matters. Collected evidence, performed interviews and interrogations, and deployed human sources for purpose of achieving criminal prosecution against guilty parties.

·     Access to state of the art national and international databases.

·     Strong educational background in politics, business and law.

·     Multilingual.


WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                     
Noukas & Associates (1987-Present)            

Houston, TX, Moscow, RU, Los Angeles, CA

 ·       Manage and supervise all aspects of civil and criminal investigations. 

·       Conduct discreet background investigations; asset security assessment and recovery; physical countermeasure surveys; premise liability; due diligence; and expert witness testimony.  Influenced criminal/civil prosecution by collecting evidence, performing over one thousand interviews and interrogations, and deploying surveillance and human sources.

·       Very skilled in white-collar criminal defense investigations worldwide, including insider trading, corporate governance, financial crime and enforcement actions by the SEC and US Department of Justice.

·       Extensive experience in conducting global investigations into corrupt payments to government officials, on behalf of multinational corporations under investigation for possible FCPA violations.

·       Assisted in construction and maintenance of effective global anti-corruption programs.

 ·       Formulate strategic plans for establishing relations with boards of directors and corporate executives from major area corporations, community organizations and government officials within the Houston, Gulf Coast and Southeast Texas territory, to develop a cohesive group for identifying and addressing environmental criminal issues.

·       Coordinate analysis and reports to prioritize and identify critical issues regarding crime and public/private corruption.

·       Conduct crime surveys and review investigative programs to facilitate, manage and develop strategies for international, national and local involvement in security breaches, prevention measures and criminal civil resolutions.

·       Facilitate in developing program management plans for conducting field investigations, identifying and assuring the availability of appropriate resources, and developing infrastructure and cooperation with local law enforcement.

·       Manage and implement objectives and goals for numerous missions within investigative programs and intelligence collection.

·       Direct investigations to troubleshoot crime problems requiring undercover agents and other covert operations.

·       Manage undercover operations requiring strategic planning, agent supervision, information research and informant development to facilitate case resolutions.

·       Conducted internal audits to identify fraud, waste and abuse, and determine the effectiveness and efficiency of investigative programs

·       Collected intelligence and incident reports for analysis

·       Designed and manage the Defense Contractors Awareness Program, established to accomplish a timely awareness of the hostile intelligence service activities targeted against industrial, corporate and technological facilities.


Federal Bureau of Investigation (1983-1987)

Houston, TX, Washington, DC         

Special Agent                                                                                                

 ·       Conducted thorough and complete investigations of White Collar Crimes and highly sensitive Foreign Counterintelligence matters. Collected evidence, performed interviews and interrogations, and deployed human sources for purpose of achieving criminal prosecution against guilty parties.

·       Responsible for developing facts, obtaining information and gathering supporting evidence of alleged or suspected violations, or other matters within FBI jurisdiction.

·       Provide written or oral communications concerning details of investigations to superiors and other officials related to the case.

·       Plan, organize, direct, and control investigative matters and other assigned law enforcement duties.

·       Apply management skills and techniques to a caseload of complex investigative matters.

·       Select, develop and operate informants/assets in a manner that contributes to investigative assignments. 

·       Coordinator of FBI/DHHS TASK FORCE.                                 

Congressional Quarterly (1977-1983)      

Washington, DC      

Senior Researcher & Supervisor

·     Research related to compilation of candidate and incumbent political profiles.

·     Washington Research Division, Research Department. 

·     Supervisor - Management of Political Clipping Service. 

·     Marketing of research services via targeted direct mail and personal contact.  Negotiations for customized services. 


Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service

 BSFS in International Affairs (1983)

Numerous professional seminars, continuing education and in-service programs.


·       Russian – Native Speaking Ability, Excellent reading/writing skills

·       Greek – Native Speaking Ability, Good reading/writing skills

·       German – 5 years of study



·       TRAPLINE International association of Former Special Agents of the FBI.

·       Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

·       Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

·       American Society of Industrial Security.

·       National Association of Legal Investigators.

·       International Intelligence Network (INTELLENET)